What is a Sex Therapist?

A good sex therapist starts out trained in Psychotherapy (in Psychiatry, Psychology, Clinical Social Work or Marriage and Family Counseling), but who then has had several years of additional training, specifically in Sex Therapy.  It is a super specialty that incorporates an understanding of the physical, medical, hormonal, emotional and relational causes of sexual concerns.

As an experienced Sex Therapist, I have learned short term, practical techniques for helping people overcome difficulties.  Nothing sexual ever happens in my office.  I understand that sexual matters are not easy to talk about but I try to create an atmosphere of safety and respect.  You are encouraged to use my tailored, step-by-step suggestions at home, and to discuss your reactions and progress in the office.  Treatment will not violate an individual's personal values or beliefs.  During the session, I'll try to help resolve the sexual difficulty, improve communication and empathy, and to help build a stronger bond in the relationship.

For the person wanting help but without a current partner, I work to help overcome fear and performance anxiety and suggest techniques to build sexual confidence.

Most of us have not grown up with a rich understanding of how men and women's bodies work, and what is involved in a pleasurable sexual response.  Sex Therapists often use diagrams, handouts, book chapters or appropriate visual material to expand sexual knowledge and awareness.

I work collaboratively, when necessary, with medical specialists so that all aspects of a person's problems are attended to.  This might involve changes in medications or dosages, hormones or medical interventions. 

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