What is a Relationship Therapist?

In the past, I might have been called a "Marriage Counselor", but as people now have a variety of committed relationships, I prefer to be called a Relationship Therapist.

Couples come in to see me because they are experiencing distress, challenges or emptiness in their relationship. Couples often find that talking and listening to each other with the guidance of a third person makes it easier to feel heard.  I work to mediate and to teach and encourage better communication.

I have worked with many couples over the years, both heterosexual and gay, and have learned how to be helpful.  I might assign exercises to improve communication and closeness, to cut down on dead end fighting and teach fair fighting techniques and conflict resolution.  I try to work to enhance a couple's sense of closeness.

My goal is to help you understand and connect with your partner so you can recapture what drew you together in the first place. 

My experience as a Couples and Family Therapist also guides me in helping people deal with the pain and trauma of separation and divorce.  

Some couples come in because they are ending their relationship but wish to do it in a way least hurtful to each other and their children.  If you each have that desire, and can potentially cooperate, I may be helpful.

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